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It has been proven that there is a direct correlation between Dental Disease, Heart Disease, and Kidney Disease. Bacteria from the mouth gain access to the bloodstream through inflamed and infected gums. These bacteria then settle on the valves of the heart, causing scarring, which in turn can cause the valves to leak, creating congestive heart failure. The bacteria can also be filtered into the kidneys, causing kidney infections.

A Dental procedure is an anesthetic procedure, which takes approximately 30-60 minutes. The EKG monitoring is included. Your pet’s teeth are ultrasonically polished, scaled, and polished again, and then a dental sealant is applied. During this time a thorough oral exam is performed, including probing all four sides of each tooth for gingival pockets, recessions, and other abnormalities.

Dental X-rays are utilized to determine the extent of tooth fractures and root abnormalities. Complete dental x-rays are an option and are beneficial for verification and annual comparisons.

Bad breath could be a sign of dental disease, which can be life threatening to your beloved pet! Just as in humans, our pet’s oral health is critical to their overall health and should be checked once a year as a standard, and twice a year for pets with periodontal challenges.

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