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Park welcomes Tess, the newest addition to the Ryzdynski Family


Mel is staying close to mom

SHIGLEY 10-20-14

There’s no doubt Bella loves her dad!!

24964 BELLA

Do you need some love in your life???-Update: Xena found her forever home…YEA!!!!!!



This sweet 18.8 lbs spayed adult female Jack Russell mix is a bundle of energy and love. She is well mannered and looking for her forever home. She must have a fence enclosed home due to her darting out the door habit. Xena loves people and will be a devoted companion. If you are interested in meeting Xena or knowing more about adopting her please call Park Animal Hospital at 702-361-5850. 

Ruby is desperately looking for her “Forever Home” or even a “Foster” until she finds it her loving family

RUBY-D1-610x457RUBY is a VERY SWEET spayed female pit mix approx. 1 1/2 year. Ruby is on the smallish size coming in at 51 lbs. She gets along well with other dogs including small ones. Ruby is mannerly and is content to curl up on the couch with you or go for a walk or hike. Ruby has a skin allergy that makes it necessary she be indoors not kenneled outside, but it doesn’t stop her from doing anything with you.  If you have room in your family & heart for this sweet jewel please contact LoneWoof Rescue at 702-469-1913

Bella is ready for the trail in her hiking sneakers…


Bella is ready for the trail in her hiking sneakers!

Have you ever thought about fostering??


Park Welcomes Nixon


***Update on Hope’s progress****Hope…is looking for a her Forever Home…

Hope is coming out of her shell in leaps & bounds!! Hope is no longer shy but LOVES people, other cats and dogs!! It says SO MUCH about the LOVING staff here at Park because Hope is trusting and is now just a TOTAL “LOVEBUG”.

HOPE…is a VERY SPECIAL kitten for adoption through Park. Hope was found huddled in the base of a bush where numerous people walked by her for who knows how long until one of our caring clients found her near death. Hope was rushed to us and has spent several months in recovery.

Hope has now recovered from her physical ailments of sever dehydration/malnutrition, upper respiratory  infection and eye conjunctivitis however, we suspect that she had been physically abused as well and suffers extreme shyness. Hope is very sweet and playful with familiar people and surroundings but any changes cause her to become introverted and she dives for cover. Hope is growing braver each day with the love of our staff. We believe she will thrive in a loving home of her own. With love, kindness and proper nutrition Hope will be a loyal loving companion.Do you have the right home for Hope? If you are interested to know more or would like to see Hope please give us a call 702-361-5850.